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ISO 14649 is a new model of data transfer between CAD/CAM systems and CNC machines. It remedies the shortcomings of ISO 6983 by specifying machining processes rather than machine tool motion, using the object-oriented concept of Workingsteps. Workingsteps correspond to high-level machining features and associated process parameters. CNCs are responsible for translating Workingsteps to axis motion and tool operation. A major benefit of ISO 14649 is its use of existing data models from ISO 10303.
According to the STEP-NC structure, it will provide manufacturing organizations will share information seamlessly via the Internet.


CAD: Responsible for the project of a prismatic part with features available in a feature library.

CAPP: Responsible for making strategies for machining the part, it will result in a sheet containing the process plan to manufacture the part.

CAM: Responsible for loading the program in numerical control machine.


To use the system you must complete the registration.