Artigo: Maziero, N.L., Ferreira, J.C.E., Pacheco, F.S. e Prim, M.F., "A Feature-Based Object-Oriented Expert System to Model and Support Product Design", Journal of the Brazilian Mechanical Sciences, Vol 22, No 4, págs 523 - 543, Rio de Janeiro, 2000

Resumo: In this paper a computer program to model and support product design is presented. The product is represented through a hierarchical structure that allows the user to navigate across the product's components, and it aims at facilitating each step of the detail design process. A graphical interface was also developed, which shows visually to the user the contents of the product structure. Features are used as building blocks for the parts that compose the product, and object-oriented methodology was used as a means to implement the product structure. Finally, an expert system was also implemented, whose knowledge base rules help the user design a product that meets design and manufacturing requirements.

Palavras-chave: Computer-Aided Design, features, object-oriented methodology, expert systems.